At Kiraku, we’re dedicated to identifying and transforming vast storms of data into harbors of knowledge that can serve as an infrastructure for effective and creative decision-making.

Kiraku Platform

We’re focused on designing a whole new approach to Hospitality Management. By integrating the various, and conventionally disconnected, hotel systems into a single platform, we not only streamline a wide range of management processes, but also create a venue for fast, flexible and holistic data-analysis. In doing so, we endeavor to simplify yet enhance the complex science of running a hospitality business.

Our Products:

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Nazuna・Kiraku is a suite of traditional Japanese residences turned into luxury lodging facilities. It is our solution to the slow deterioration of Japan’s rich architectural heritage that is being spurred by the nation’s aging demographic, serving as a framework that bridges the world’s flourishing demand for extraordinary experiences with Japan’s ample supply of undiscovered cultural wealth.

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